VPRE, ECSO and CBM conduct training on organic pandesal making to farmers

CPSU’s serious commitment to help boost the flour industry in the region has led to various  extension programs that had likewise benefited the community by providing additional livelihood sources for them and their families. With the University’s organic flour production being in its full swing, locally available but oftentimes underutilized crops are being utilized such as banana, taro, cassava, camote, ube, biga or Alocasia macrorrhiza, and squash.

This is evident in the recent activity held last December 28, 2020 entitled, “Farmers’ Training on Pandesal Making by Using Sweet Potato and Banana Flour” organized by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Extension (VPRE) headed by Dr. Joel Perez, together with the Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO) headed by its director, Dr. Jimmy Degillo, in partnership with the College of Business and Management (CBM) headed by its dean, Ms. Sheila Ignacio, as part of the college’s extension program.

Held at the HRM Mini Hotel in CPSU Main Campus, the 15 participants of this free training were the farmers within CPSU community, as well as the 4 selected office staff from CBM, QA, VPRE and one canteen personnel. The lecturer and trainer in this activity was Ms. Ignacio with the assistance of her BHSM 3 students.

Truly, simple acts of assistance can go a long way. The knowledge gained by the participants from this training can provide sustainable livelihood opportunities as well as food security for them.