BST and BSAS programs undergo level III - phase 2 AACCUP survey visit

The University’s pursuit for excellence and quality instruction is steadfast and indomitable even amid  the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to the country’s education sector.

Such is proven in the recently concluded level III - phase 2 online accreditation survey visit by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, (AACCUP) Inc. to CPSUs two programs, the Bachelor in Sugar Technology (BST) of the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF), and the Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics (BSAS) of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), which started Dec. 14, 2020.

The AACCUP accreditors during this 2-day survey visit were Dr. Adolfo C. Manuel, Jr. for the BST program, and Dr. Lorinda E. Pascual for the BSAS program. Among the areas evaluated were the Curriculum and Instruction, Extension and Community Programs, Faculty Development Program and Linkages for BST, while Research for BSAS. The accreditors looked into the best practices of these two programs on the identified areas that ensure quality of services provided to the clientele, as well as partnerships forged with LGUs and NGOs to further strengthen current services, including sustainable community extension programs that bring impact to the lives of the local community and even beyond.

These indicators are significant factors that will determine the readiness of the said programs for the level IV evaluation, which is the highest level of AACCUP accreditation. The whole process highlighted on the presentation of best practices in the above-stated areas as evidence of commendable performance of the two programs. The presentation was followed by the deliberation of evidences presented.

Particularly, for the BST program, the area on Curriculum and Instruction was presented by Ma’am Genalin A. Mangao, the Extension and Community Involvement by Ma’am Maryvic Pedrosa, the Faculty Development Program by Dr. Roland Marcel Bachiller, CAF dean, and the Linkages by Dr. Fernando D. Abello, the VP for Academic Affairs as part of the College. Meanwhile, for the BSAS program, Curriculum and Instruction was presented by Ms. Cristyflor Escordial, Extension and Community Program by Dr. Maria Lorina B Crobes, CAS dean, Faculty Development Program by    Ms. Girlie Villanueva, and the area on Research was presented by Dr. Michael M. Bacolod, the BSAS program coordinator.

During the exit conference and closing program, Dr. Manuel congratulated the entire team for the dedication, sincerity and courage shown in undergoing such tedious evaluation process.

“I deeply congratulate the team for the commitment shown in facing the insurmountable challenges faced in the accreditation process. Your strong commitment to quality assurance is worthy of our highest admiration,” Dr. Manuel stated.

Likewise, Dr. Pascual complimented the team for proving its capacity to sustain the quality services being offered. “The documents presented are sufficient evidence to prove your readiness for the next level of accreditation,” she stated.

The accreditors specifically congratulated the team for the highly commendable practices, such as sustainable extension activities that impacted the lives of the beneficiaries, the active involvement of faculty members in research activities and presentations, including extension programs, and the strong linkages with LGUs and other agencies that are significant in strengthening and improving services provided to the clienteles.

In response, Dr. Abello, VP for Academic Affairs, expressed his commitment to continue innovating and extending sustainable and life-changing practices to the community most especially on further strengthening the programs that are currently provided by the University to uphold the institution’s vision, mission and goals.

By: J.A. Emoy

Photo Credits: F. Carpio