Admission pertains to the system of assessing and evaluating students who may qualify to be admitted at Central Philippines State University.  The goals and objectives of the admission process are: to screen prospective students both in the undergraduate and graduate levels for possible placement on the different courses offered by the university and to assist incoming students in their choice of course within the State College at the same time assess the students’ potential for higher education based on the specialization of the State College (technological, agricultural, education, etc.) 

Student admissions is one of the significant functions of the Office of the Student Affairs headed by designated Dean for Student Affairs and her team who work in close coordination with the different School Dean and the College Registrar.  A psychometrician assists the admission process especially on the preparation, administration and interpretation of the NSCA College Entrance Examination.

 Admission Requirements for First Year Students

Report Card/Form 138-A
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Transcript of Records (for Transferees)
Honorable Dismissal (for Transferees)
Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated)
CPSU Security Clearance
6 pcs. 2X2 ID Picture
4 pcs. long folder

Medical-Dental Health Unit Requirements (S.Y. 2018-2019)
1 pc brown envelope (long)
1 pc 1 x 1 ID picture
1 copy of Medical Certificate duly signed by a government/private physician
Copies of the following laboratory results:
     CBC platelet                                  
     chest x-ray urinalysis
     HBAg (Criminology and HRM only)
     drug test (Criminology only)
For more inquiries, text or call the Guidance Office a 0926-667-0050