Nat'l Defense USec. Commends Technology Transfer to 542nd Army Battalion

by Dr. Josephine Asuncion R. Emoy of The Cenphilian

Department of National Defense Undersecretary Cesar B. Yano commends Central Philippines State University President, Dr. Aladino C. Moraca, for providing free training to his military troupe especially on agriculture technologies during his visit at the  542nd Engineer Construction (Pathfinder) Battalion, 53rd Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army at Brgy. Caradio-an, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental last October 4, 2019.

            Their unanticipated meeting took place during the first day of the Training-Workshop on Mushroom Production and Vermicomposting which so happened to be the same date of the USec’s visit to the Camp. In their conversation, USec. Yano expressed firm support and approval in the partnership of the University and the Philippine Army within Negros in terms of agriculture-related technology transfer that they could also share to their respective communities. In fact, the commander of their military camp located in Tanjay, Negros Occidental who was also present during the said activity had requested CPSU to set a date to visit them for the same purpose, and asked to bring with  them some samples of the African Night Crawler worms back to their Camp.

            Dr, Moraca likewise committed to assist them in terms of this undertaking since this is one effective way of disseminating technology to the community. Though each group, the academe and the army, had different missions to fulfill in the service of the Filipino people, yet they are one in their cause of helping the people to ensure better and safe living. They may have different means in meeting that end, but they complement each other towards the goal of achieving unity and harmony. “How do we solve the dilemma on peace in our country? Provide food through technology…” Pres. Moraca said. However, this could not be done by one person alone, it needs the collective efforts of every sector in the government to successfully fulfill this goal. Collaboration among members of the academe and the army just like in this activity is already a positive move towards that end.

             A “Boodle fight,” which, in the context of Filipino culture is a military practice of eating a meal, was made together with all the members of the 542nd brigade and the CPSU team to symbolize unity and the start of a long and strong partnership between these two agencies of the government.