CPSUnity Midyear Convention 2023: Fostering Faculty Development and Well-being

With the aim of empowering faculty members through reskilling, upskilling, and promoting of holistic approach to mental and physical well-being, a four-day Personnel Midyear Convention, with the theme "CPSUnity: Cultivating Brand Faculty and Embracing Sports Activity," was held last August 22, 2023 via blended mode.

Dr. Aladino Moraca, University president, expressed his enthusiasm for the convention, stating, how the convention is not just a mere getting together of faculty members, but rather a celebration of each one’s commitment to excellence in education.

“I believe that a strong, healthy faculty is essential for the success of our students, and in the achievement of our institutional goals. This convention reflects our dedication to both the professional growth and personal well-being of our teaching personnel. With our University kicking off engagements to strengthen internationalization and technology innovations, no doubt that CPSU can achieve its mission and vision in the years to come," Dr. Moraca stated.

Gracing the opening of the event was Dr. Raul Alvarez, Jr., CHEDRO VI director, the invited resource speaker, who emphasized on the important role that CPSU plays in the community, especially in providing quality education to students of underserved families in preparing them as the future workforce of the country. He further highlighted how the institution should continue to strive further for excellence amid the globally competitive world.

 Another renowned speaker who offered valuable insights and inspiration to the attendees was Mr. Jesus Sison, Deputy national director, Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values. His talk on Values Integration in the Workplace highlighted on the importance of fostering a harmonious and productive environment, thus, emphasizing that when employees align with the organization's core values, it not only enhances teamwork and collaboration but also reinforces a shared sense of purpose that benefits both the organization and its stakeholders.

As the new academic year is about to commence, instructors were also assisted in preparing their unified Course Syllabi, and TOS formatting, as well as the initial crafting of the faculty development plan, which were done per cluster and college.

The fourth day was set for a face-to-face team-building activity held at the Forest Park, Alijis, Bacolod City. All campuses took part in the games and sports, as well as team presentations that drew each other together in a wholesome, fun-filled and memorable day.

As an annual event facilitated by the Office of the Training Services, headed by Dr. Mary Grace Noreen Leduna, with the support of Dr. Fernando Abello, VP for Academic Affairs, this year’s activity not only instilled academic and professional development among CPSU instructors across campuses, but more importantly, it placed a strong emphasis on physical and social well-being as participants engaged in various games and fitness activities, fostering camaraderie among colleagues. It is expected that the bonds formed and knowledge gained will not only benefit the individual educators but also bridge a positive impact on the students they serve in the upcoming school year.


By: J.A. Emoy

Photos: F. Emoy, R. Robles, J. Degillo