CPSU Campus WiFi is now available to Cenphilians officially enrolled for SY 2023-2024

THE CPSU- Management Information System (MIS) office is delighted to inform students that the CPSU Campus WiFi is now fully operational and ready for use.

Currently, this is accessible at the MPLC Building and Cashier’s Office. With this development, the aim is to provide seamless internet connectivity to enhance your learning and research activities.

The implementation of WiFi in these areas is just the first step towards the University’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive coverage across the entire campus. Seeing the importance of reliable internet access in today's digital age, the team is actively working towards expanding WiFi availability to other areas within the campus.

As they continue to work diligently to expand WiFi coverage in other areas within the campus, rest assured that students will be kept informed about the progress made and the areas where WiFi will be made available in the future.