CPSU joins National Women's Month Celebration

“You are not just a woman, you are a woman.” 

Women empowerment and gender equality are few of CPSU’s advocacy to highlight the importance of women in society. Joining the world in celebrating Women’s Month, a convocation was held at the Clemente Sports Complex Gymnasium with the theme, “We for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society” last March 14, 2023, Tuesday, sponsored by the College of Computer Studies (CCS). 


Special guests who graced the event were the men and women in uniform from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) - Kabankalan, Himamaylan, Binalbagan, Isabela and Bago. They were JINSP Raymund J. Aro, and JINSP Divina G. Salazar jail wardens of Isabela and Binalbagan, respectively, JO1 Almera D. Agarcio (CRS JNOR), JO1 Chris M. Gabunal (Unit Investigation/SAO), JO2 Gimera A. Pausa (Unit Welfare and Development), JO1 Mark Anthony B. Flores (Operations/Finance/Liaison), JO1 Peter John P. Garcia (Custodial JNOR), JO1 Charity Galvez (Female Searcher), JO1 Elgein T. Gariando (CRS JNOR), JO1 Arniel A. Esparagoza, and JO1 Cris Oliver Bebit, both a Custodial JNOR, JO1 Ma. Laiden Faye Gumban (Operations/GAD focal person/Searcher), JO2 Jonathan Ian Casalem (Jail Nurse/CRS/Liaison officer), JO3 Rogelia G. Loriezo (Admin/Finance/Searcher), JO1 Erol Glenn Pelopero (Jail Nurse), JO1 Damian Jerick B. Portolio (Progdev/Custodial), and JO2 Alvin G. Celis (BJMP Star Team). 

VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Fernando D. Abello welcomed the guests, University personnel and students and thanked everyone for their zeal in participating in the activity, especially to the BJMP team as one of the agencies that cater to different gender orientations, programs, and activities as part of their goals. 

“The value of women today is greatly acknowledged by society. Especially with the emergence of laws regarding parity, all of us now, therefore, have equal contribution in our society,” Dr. Abello stated.

Jail Warden Divina G. Salazar of Binalbagan District Jail, stated in her talk how the observance of the International Women's Day started as the result of the organizing activities of women in the early 20th century. She added how women between 1901 and 1911 participated in organizing women’s strike on streets for days involving children to plea for equality in their rights. Parity is their cry!

“WE stands for Women and Everyone, for when women and everyone are included, aside from promoting Women Empowerment, WE can also make gender equality possible, that is what the provided the theme WE for gender Equality,” JINSP Salazar said.

Further, JO1 Mark Anthony B. Flores from Binalbagan District Jail (DJ) focused his talk on the drive campaign and presented their different service uniforms. CRS officer JO1 Almer D. Agarcio of Binalbagan DJ also graced the event with his message about gender equality and women empowerment, and supported it with video presentations about the history of Women's Month, as how it came to be an international celebration to this day.

“They had what they aimed for; to inform and engage, to provide platforms in order to address gaps, to inspire women and girls to empower themselves in taking leadership roles, and to promote a society that ensures inclusion. Let us embrace equity because women are not women for nothing. They have minds, decisions, principles, and are made for greater things. Hence, in this world full of "you are just a woman", their response must be, "I am a woman," he said.

Dr. Pilipinas Ma. Jareño, OSSA dean and Vice-President of WSAP national, who is also the co-sponsor of the event, stated how Women's Month Celebration had since served as a venue to highlight women's achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women's empowerment, and gender equality issues and concerns, challenges, and commitments. 

Part of the activity was the recognition of the 14 new passers in the recent Licensure Exam for Mechanical Engineers.

By: Francisco, C.F. - ABSS 2, & J.A. Emoy / The Cenphilian Publication

Photos: R. Macariola, M. Matunding, & R. Normor