Office of the President

Posted: 2019-03-12 02:34:35

Bringing Hope through Innovative Governance and Life Changing Technologies

Investiture Speech of Dr.  Aladino “Nonoy” Cuizon Moraca
October 18, 2018 
CPSU Main Campus Gymnasium 


I am honored as an elected President of CPSU,  facing you today as a leader and as a trained student succeeded in my career as educator, public servant and as a community development worker.

CPSU has been my home for more than 35 years and every moment of stay here has become another story to tell. 

Central Philippine State University (CPSU) started as Negros Occidental Agricultural School (NONAS) and was dubbed as the 1st Agricultural Institution in the country established by a Filipino Superintendent in the name of Jose F. Crisanto immediately after World War II in 1946.  The institution was converted to Negros Occidental Agricultural College (NOAC) by virtue of Presidential Authority on September 6, 1977. NOAC then was converted into state college known as the Negros State College of Agriculture (NSCA) by virtue of R.A. 9141 date July 3, 2001.

By virtue of the Republic Act (R.A.) 10228, NSCA was converted to Central Philippines State University in 2012. (October 19, 2012).

When I assumed the responsibility as President in August 16, 2018 (64 days as of today),   I am familiar and aware on the challenges and opportunities that surround/s CPSU.

Some of the challenges and opportunities:

  1. How can CPSU work peacefully in partnership with the farmers and other stakeholders occupying the reservation of the university to increase productivity and attain food security? 
  2. How can CPSU generate or extract revenue from the 4,653.70 ha. reservation area  and capitalize the resources for infrastructure development, research and extension projects and other form of services to fill-up the gap/s or needs of the students?
  3. How can CPSU improve the quality of education leading to the increase of the passing percentage on the Board Examination/s?
  4. How can CPSU be recognized as one of the leading university in agriculture and allied technologies which is the mandate why the institution was created or established?
  5. How can CPSU comply the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to acquire Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) with the courses offered in the extension campuses?

With the challenges and opportunities identified, development strategies were crafted and formulated:

  1. Strengthen faculty and staff training and development program (national and international level).  This is one way of developing the potential and readiness of the faculty in providing practical and good quality education to the students.
  2. Utilization and maximization of local resources for revenue generation and investing the hard earned money of the university to the right projects.
  3. Strengthen the research and development and extension programs of the university (main and extension campuses) to expedite the process of developing practical and appropriate technologies leading to the creation of an industry in the rural areas.
  4. Implement development programs and projects tapping the support of the private sector, local government units, line agencies and other stakeholders to showcase best practices in agriculture, engineering, education, information technology, arts and sciences, criminal justice system and other related discipline.
  5. Work with the farmers occupying the reservation area and other neighboring communities and showcase best practices in agriculture and allied technologies.  This is to encourage active participation and involvement of the students and faculty in partnership with the farmers.
  6. Create a dynamic and conducive working environment and adopt participatory approach in the decision making process.
  7. Establish network/linkages with the national and international agencies/institutions.

It is expected that with the development strategies introduced and implemented, CPSU will be one of the leading University on agriculture and allied technologies by 2030 and center of development and excellence in 2022. 

It is also expected that CPSU will become/acquire SUC Level 3 or 4 by 2024.

CPSU has always been my defining identity. It has been a place where there is always freedom of expression, word and action.  It has conditioned and prepared me for any possible event and trained me how to be observant and tough in a fiercely competitive situation.

The organized Management Team of the University recognized that we need a spirit of cohesiveness, a spirit that will carry us to our rightful place in the environment of CPSU.  A spirit which will recognize that we, as successor/s of a proud tradition with dignity and integrity are entitled to a rightful place in the field of educational management.  If determined spirit will spark and we work as a team, no one can hold us in attaining our rightful destiny.

With the Lord God Almighty and all of you as the living witness, I commit to serve the University faithfully with all the best of capabilities, socially just, innovative governance, introduction and implementation of life changing technologies, with integrity, dignity and credibility as the backbone and language of my leadership.

Thank You Very Much, Mabuhay ang CPSU!

God bless us all.