Japan’s leading international research team visits CPSU for sharing of best practices in agri-technology

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) in coordination with the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) visited CPSU for possible partnerships in strengthening agri-practices and technologies in both countries. 

The said visit took place last November 15, 2022 at the CPSU Mini Hotel where both parties shared different technologies and leading innovations that are viable and sustainable in advancing scientific and agricultural researches and practices.

Grounded on the direction of becoming the “seed of life-changing technologies,” Dr. Aladino Moraca, CPSU president, presented various winning programs and technologies of the University such as the School plus Home Gardens cum Biodiversity Project with Kansas State U, the vermiculture, solar-powered pumping system and solar home system installations in various rural poor households in off-grid communities, green mining technology, DJ rocket stove fabrication, prototype tractor for conservation agriculture, essential oil distiller/extractor, improved carriage design for the agricultural tramline, multi-crop flour machine, community-based muscovado production and processing, sericulture, handloom, Go Native App Ph and the Green Village project, along with other initiatives and extension programs shared to the community and partner agencies.

Also presenting from JIRCAS were Mr. Anzai Toshihiku and Mr. Takenaka Koichi. Being recognized as Japan’s leading international research institute in the field of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the team shared their mission to contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture, forest preservation and diversity and fisheries towards the accomplishment of their government policy such as basic plan for food, agriculture and rural areas.

Among their programs and initiatives were on soil conservation, improvement of hard pan layer, development of sustainable cultivation techniques in sugar cultivation, and the effective utilization of sugar processing residue, bagasse and afforestation or tree sapling culture soil, among others.

On-site visits to the CATAFA, and Green Tech Farm followed. With a team of 6 scientists and researchers from JICRAS, accompanied by 5 SRA personnel, and the rest of the CPSU team, the group engaged in community immersion to witness different projects extended by the University to the community.

The said meeting was facilitated by the SRA team headed by Atty. Ignacio Santillana, along with the CPSU team Ma’am Genalin Mangao, Ma’am Carol Jane Parcon, Ma’am Luisa Moreño, Maam Mary Ann Cañada, and the rest of the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) staff.

By J.A. Emoy