CPSU, to launch Go Native App Philippines digital marketing platform

Kabankalan City – Central Philippines State University Research and Development Center (RDC) in partnership with Kansas State University, USA and Go Native International announces its upcoming launching of the Go Native App Philippines on May 27-28, 2022 at City Mall, Kabankalan City.

Seeing how e-marketing solution offers huge opportunities in expanding the reach and visibility of local farmers in commercializing their products, this project is seen as a digital transformation in the Philippine agriculture. Not only does it benefit farmers, but the public as well since this opens their access to fresh agriculture commodities straight from the growers.

With this digital application, consumers are expected to experience a one-of-a-kind feature of digital marketing service that delivers timely, fresh agricultural commodities, food, grocery, and retail straight to their doorsteps.

Dr. Angelie Lumba, RDC director, stated that this digital marketing is a convenient and efficient way for the local farmers to sell their products. Likewise, this will also be a great time-saver for all consumers as they can go shopping with just a tap in their smart phones.

“They could simply download the app at the Google Play Store, enter their address, check out what’s nearby, and place their order.  They can choose pick-up, or simply opt to have their order delivered to them. They could also track their orders the entire time,” Dr. Lumba said.

Dr. Aladino Moraca, CPSU president and a strong advocate of agricultural transformation leading to the University’s partnership with Kansas State University, stated that with the downturn of the global economy due to the pandemic, one winning strategy to help farmers keep up with the changing demands of time is by taking advantage of digital marketing strategies to reach the target audience. 

“When traditional marketing channels aren’t as reliable anymore, and with everyone getting their businesses online, we help our farmers catch up with the pace and gain equal footing through this initiative, the ‘Go Native App Philippines,’ a practical and sustainable project to ensure livelihood opportunities and food security for everyone,” Dr. Moraca said.

With this, every Kabankalanon and Negrense are invited to witness its launching and support this project for our farmers – the lowly sectors of the community who play the most important role of feeding the nation.

By: J.A. Emoy