Search for the Private Sector Representative of Central Philippines State University (CPSU) Board of Regents

Pursuant to RA 8292, the Board of Regents of CENTRAL PHILIPPINES STATE UNIVERSITY (CPSU), formally and publicly announces that the position for one (1) member of the Board of Regents representing PRIVATE SECTORS is now open.

Download: Nomination Form

The nominee must have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A natural born Filipino, at least 30 years old and physically fit to serve the Board.
  2. Must not be related by consanguinity or affinity up to the third and first level degree to any incumbent member of the Board of Regents.
  3. A resident of the province of Negros Occidental where the main and external campuses are located or from localities within the Province.
  4. Must have distinguished himself/herself in his/her profession/field of specialization as evidenced by the awards/recognition he/she has received.
  5. Must be of good moral character and must not have been convicted of any administrative and criminal offense involving moral turpitude.
  6. Shall not in any way be connected with CPSU for at least two (2) years prior to his/her nomination for the PSR position.
  7. Should not be employed in or appointed to any position in any government agency/entity, including government owned and controlled corporations, in any capacity – full time or part time - at the time of his or her nomination.
  8. Should be from industry, business or professions in line with the mandate of CPSU (e.g. Sugar Industry, Agriculture, Agri-Business, Agricultural Engineering and other Allied Fields).
  9. Should have an extensive record of employment, business, expertise and connection with the private sector. If the PSR nominee previously worked in a government agency/entity or was a consultant in any government undertaking, the portion of time the nominee served in government should not exceed one fourth (1/4) of the entire time the nominee served in the private sector


Documentary Requirements

1. Formal application or nomination form by prominent citizen (s) or private organization(s) must be addressed to:

  • Hon. J. Prospero E. De Vera III, DPA  
  • Chair, CHED and CPSU Board of Regents
  • Higher Education Development Center Building
  • C.P. Garcia Ave., UP Campus
  • Diliman, Quezon City


2. Detailed and duly signed curriculum vitae

In order to serve these minimum requirements, the nominator or the nominee should provide all the pertinent details of the nominee’s past and current employment/service records, connection to the industry, field of expertise, achievement, non-connection with the SUC, no current employment  or appointment with any government entity at the time of his/her nomination, as well as the commitment and availability of the nominee to serve as PSR, in the proper nomination form that should be notarized with the pertinent supporting documentation.


The nominee should accept the nomination by signing his/her conforme on the designated portion of the notarized nomination form.

The nomination form may be obtained from the official College Website or Office of the Board Secretary.

All nominations/applications must be accompanied by the applicant’s vision and duly accomplished personal data form to include attachments and must be submitted not later than March 7,  2022 or, if mailed, must be postmarked March 7, 2022.


These should be submitted to:

  • Board Secretary V/Secretariat, Search for Private Sector Representative
  • Central Philippines State University, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental
  • Tel. No. (034) 702-8676; 0917-302-077