Battle for the Crown: Virtual search for Mr. and Ms. CPSU 2021

Intelligence, confidence, and beauty graced the live broadcast for the search for Mr. And Ms. CPSU 2021 in celebration of the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of the Central Philippine State University via Zoom Teleconference and FB live on October 1, 2021.

Behind the flashing lights and fixtures, three-piece suits and the highest heels the participants wore, even on the part of the organizers, judges, and sponsors, the said beauty pageant wouldn't be feasible without the participants and the audience kindling the very flame.

This year's foundation anniversary would be quite memorable as it highlights the diamond jubilee celebration of the institution and having conducted the entire event virtually for the first time amidst the global health crisis.

The search for Mr. and Ms. CPSU 2021 is welcoming and encouraging in building up the participants' confidence to create opportunities to evolve and grow personally and socially.

It was last October 19, 2021 when the most awaited announcement of winners was made as part of the University's 9th Charter Anniversary.

Ms. Daniela Q. Arroz of Unit 1 Main Campus and Cedric John Sarad of Hinigaran Campus were hailed as Mister and Miss CPSU 2021. They did not just slay the stage but caught the judges with their intelligence, glam and wit. It was followed by Lilliana Jane Calderon of Sipalay Campus and John Mark Acuhin of Unit 1- Main Campus as 1st Runners Up; 2nd Runners Up were Rheana Daroy of San Carlos Campus and Renmark M. Apis of Unit 2-Main Campus; 3rd Runners Up were Noveh Mae Ocag and Joven Alibango; and 4th Runners Up were Cyril Limen from Hinigaran Campus and Peter John D Prado of Moises Padilla Campus.

For the minor awards, Miss and Mister Photogenic was awarded to Natasha Eloiza Valor of Hinoba-an Campus and Jonie Vingno of Ilog Campus. Jonie Vingno of Ilog Campus also bagged the awards for Best in Casual Wear and Best in Swimsuit. Best in Farming Attire was both awarded to Victorias Campus, Noveh Mae Ocag and Brian Barrientos. Liliana Jane Calderon of Sipalay Campus showcased her elegance on stage and won Best in Casual Wear, Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown. John Mark Acuhin from Unit 1 Main Campus looked dapper in his suit and won the Best in Tuxedo Award.

By: S. Palmes, BSABE 4 - The Cenphilian Publication