CPSU conducts campus-wide virtual convocation for the opening of the new school year

A new academic year symbolizes a fresh start to all educational institutions that welcomes new perspectives and developments for the overall academic direction of the school.

As a dynamic higher learning community, Central Philippines State University begins the new school year by conducting its first virtual University-wide convocation for SY 2021-2022 last August 23,2021 with the theme, "Cenphilians Embracing Education 4.0."

The first part of the program was a spiritual worship headed by Rev. Fr. Romeo Tayco. This was participated by all personnel and students through a virtual attendance via Zoom teleconference and Facebook live at the CPSU OSSA fb page.

For the second part, highlighting the opening salvo was the welcome speech of the University president, Dr. Aladino Moraca, who expressed his words of support and encouragement to all students as they continue their studies amidst pandemic, recognizing their challenges and expressing the support that the institution provides to ensure that they get the quality education they deserve.

"In order to attain our milestone, the most critical is the participation, involvement and serious commitment of our faculty to deliver quality advanced education to our students” he stated.

This was followed by the introduction of the CPSU board of regents (BOR) and administrative council members by Ma’am Nelly Cabual, the University Board Secretary; and the administrative support services by Dr. Freia Vargas, the Human Resource and Management Officer. 

Then, the introduction of all the faculty members per college in the main campus and those in the extension campuses came next as facilitated by Dr. Pilipinas Ma. D. Jareño, dean of the Office of Student Services and Affairs (OSSA) and the overall organizer and facilitator of the event. 

For the main campus, faculty and office personnel per college was introduced by their respective deans. For the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF), they were introduced by Dr. Roland Marcel R. Bachiller. For the College of Arts and Sciences, they were introduced by Dr. Maria Lorina B. Crobes. Ms. Sheila A. Ignacio introduced the College of Business and Management personnel. Dr. Chester L. Cofino introduced the personnel of the College of Computer Studies. Sir Corold A. Romano introduced the Criminal Justice Education personnel. Engr. Rene T. Dagunan introduced the College of Engineering personnel. Finally, Dr. Merfe C. Hucalinas introduced the College of Teacher Education personnel.

Administrators from the different extension campuses of CPSU also introduced their respective teaching personnel and staff together with their courses offered and the highlights of their campus projects, engagements and other accomplishments.


They were Dr. Chim Misajon of CPSU Candoni Campus, Dr. Germa Borres of CPSU Cauayan campus, Dr. Gregorio Predo of CPSU Hinigaran campus, sir Mark Anthony Abello of CPSU Hinoba-an campus, Ma’am Filipina Corpuz of CPSU Ilog campus, Sir Patrocenio Gonzales of CPSU Moises Padilla campus, Dr. Michael Bacolod as the coordinator of CPSU Murcia and Valladolid extension class, Dr. Moody Deocares of CPSU San Carlos campus, Dr. Ervin Ferraris of the CPSU Sipalay campus and sir Noel Fordente of CPSU Victorias campus.

As Cenphilians, especially for the new students and transferees, this orientation is significant in their student life as a means of getting to know their respective college instructors, the office heads in each of the OSSA-related services and the rest of the University personnel.



The program was not only intended to welcome students for the new academic year, but also to give recognition to those students who topped the Admission Test given by the University. Then, Dr. Jareño continued by introducing the personnel under her management identified as OSSA practitioners. 

As part of the orientation, she discussed to the students the different advocacies, services and policies that are being implemented in the University, such as being a GAD advocate, PWD-friendly school, policies on dress code, issues on Student Discipline like discrimination, including drivers license for motorists students and the retention policy of CPSU. She also presented the activities and accomplishments done by the OSSA in the previous academic year.

To give words of encouragements to these batch of students in the New Normal, chosen student leaders of the University in the previous school years were invited to deliver their messages of inspiration. They were the following:

Hon. Carlo Boyayot, the outgoing SSG Federated President for 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 saying, “If you want to have a happy life and less worries just pray to God about everything , tell God what you need and you will experience God’s peace.”

Ms. Josephine Blanca, the SSG Vice-President for 2019-2020 with her message, “I encourage you to forth in the spirit of exploration and adventure try new things join and participate to the different student activities.”

Mr. Zuriel Sumilhig, the Editor-in-Chief  of “The Cenphilian” for 2019-2020 and the FLP president for SY 2018-2019 leaving the words, “The sacrifices we made today are the strengths we need tomorrow.”

Mr. Jomel Labrador, the FLP President for 2019-2020 stating, “There are times that the world hates you but as long as you have yourself  just keep moving.”

Mr. Rinzo Valdevieso, the FLP President for 2017-2018 saying, “I advise you to go beyond your comfort zones unleash your full potentials and raise your voice.”

Mr. Alvin Alic, the SSG President for 2015-2016 & 2016-2017, stating, “Consider your stay in CPSU as opportunity to grow as a holistic individual.”

Mr. Revielle Alintabo, the FLP President for 2015-2016 expressing the words,  “Enjoy while you learn explore your inner selves and focus on becoming who you are someday.”

Ms. Sarah Jane Guillera, the SSG President for 2014-2015 saying, “We can do something, we can do more and we can be more.”

Mr. Jade Miraflores, the SSG President for 2013-2014 expressing the lines, “CPSU taught me the knowledge of the mind  but more so the heart, I’ve learned to be more compassionate to the people around me and to myself.”

Dr. Jenesa Alipater Dayono, NSCA Student Leader saying, “What I am today is the result of what I did in the past.”

Mrs. Rosemarie P. Gallardo, NOAC Student Leader stating, “Throughout your college journey  you will encounter  instances  that may test your courage and determination  but as Cenphilians we are known for our salience  that propels us not to give up.”

Hearing all these words is a reminder that as they reach for their goal, they are empowered to lead their future. And so, they must strive for their dreams, fight for their future and achieve their goals. 

The whole day event left a simple yet powerful message to all Cenphilians, to be resilient and to be strong amidst the challenges of time, to keep their sails steady and aimed towards the right direction, for in the end, success is always sweetest when coupled with hardship and dedication to press towards the mark.

By S. Ermeo (BSA 4) & J.A. Emoy