CPSU installs another solar home system to a household in Cauayan

CPSU’s persistent efforts of extending life-changing assistance to the community have benefited countless rural poor households in terms of uplifting their current living conditions and improving their economic well-being.


Just this July 21, 2021, the CPSU team headed by Dr. Jimmy Degillo, director for Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO), together with the CPSU Cauayan Campus Administrator, Dr. Germa Borres and her faculty members, went to Purok Bonbon Baybay, Poblacion Cauayan, Negros Occidental to conduct another training-workshop on “Household-based Designing and Installation of Solar Home System.”


This time, the beneficiary was the Gacita family, lowly fisherfolks in the said community. Poverty deprived them from affording the costly installation for electricity, that for several years they went on with only kerosene lamps to illumine them at night. With their meager income spent basically for food, having electricity seemed to be a distant reality.

Seeing this most deprived situation of the family, CPSU had immediately identified them to benefit from the solar home systems installation for free which comes with a transistor radio. 

Dr. Degillo explained that the initiatives of his office are aimed towards the said purpose, to help underserved members of the community in improving their state of living through the various assistance and efforts that are extended to them. 

CPSU president, Dr. Aladino Moraca, further stated that the most essential impact of these efforts go beyond the idea of decent living. It answers the need for health and safety assurance for the family. This holds true to all those other marginal households which had benefitted from this extension project of the University. 


“This is the University’s share of helping the poverty-stricken households in the countryside and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through technology generation and community extension,” Dr. Moraca explained.

This effort is aligned to the University’s direction of mitigating poverty in the countryside through community and extension programs that bring impact to the socio-economic well-being of the rural folks because progressive households lead to a progressive community.


By: J.A. Emoy 

Photo: ECSO