Extension Services

Posted: 2019-02-20 04:37:14


To provide extension services that will bring about socio-economic growth and development for the improvement of the quality of life of the people in the hinterlands and uplands.


  1. 1. Research, Extension and Community Services conduct training on solar powered water system installation
  2. 2. CAF trains CATAFA members in solar-powered water system installation
  3. Brgy. Orong solar-powered water system installation : CPSU’s legacy of bridging gov’t. support to the community


1. Farmers Village And Training Center

     a. Provision of 400 square meter home lot per household

     b. Integration of Food Always In The Home Garden Plus Projects

2. Expansion of Mega Faith Plus Village

     a. 400 square meter Home Lot Allocation for 120 houses

     b. Integration of Food Always In The Home Garden Plus Projects

3. Basic Education Program

     a. Establishment of Elementary  Extension Class from Grades I-VI

     b. Feeding Program

4. Non-Formal Education Program

     a. Offering of 120 hours short term course for out of school and in school youth, mothers, farmers, and adults

     b. Continuing Education Program for Professionals

5. Socio-Economic Programs

     a. Skills training

     b. Livelihood Capital Assistance

     c. Cooperative Formation

     d. Technology Adoption of matured technologies

6. Education Program

     a. Vocational Education Training Program

     b. Scholarship Program

     c. Tutorial Services

     d. Values Redirection Classes

     e. Gender Sensitivity Training

     f. Lecture/Symposia/Training/Seminar/Capability Building

7. Community Organization

     a. Advocacy

        a.1. Information Dissemination

        a.2. Representation

     b. Structure Formation 

        b.1. PO Building

        b.2. Meeting/Assembly

     c. Program Strengthening

        c.1. Building Linkages

·       c.2. MOA Signing

8. Health and Nutrition Program

     a. Medical/Dental Mission

     b. Share a Food Program

     c. Basic First Aid Training

9. Environmental Program

     a. Solid Waste Management

     b. Construction of Nursery

     c. Reforestation/Tree Planting

     d. Environmental Prevention and Protection

     e. Natural Resources Management

10. Other Social Services

     a. Savings and Loan Adding Productive Income (SALAPI)

     b. AEOP-FVTC Activity

11. Monitoring and Evaluation

     a. Strategic Planning

     b. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

12. Risk Reduction Management Council

     a. Disaster Management Training