Key Officials

Posted: 2019-02-20 04:34:58



MORACA, Aladino C., PhD

SUC President II

BADAJOS, Marc Alexei Caesar B., PhD 

VP for Finance and Administration  

Director for Project Management Team 

ABELLO, Fernando D., PhD

VP for Academic Affairs

POSADAS, Mae Flor G., PhD

VP for Research and Extension


Dean, College of Teacher Education          

BACHILLER, Roland Marcel  R., PhD

Dean, College of Agriculture and Forestry   

CROBES, Maria Lorina B., PhD 

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Engr. DAGUNAN, Rene T.

Dean, College of Engineering

COFINO, Chester L., PhD

Dean, College of Computer Studies 

IGNACIO, Shiela A.

Dean, College of Business and Management  

ROMANO, Corold A.

Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education 

Coordinator, Security Unit 

ALFARAS, Riza Stephanie A., EdD

Dean, Graduate School

JAREÑO, Pilipinas Ma. D., PhD

Dean, Office of Student Services and Affairs 

BILOCURA, Denis D., PhD 

Director for International Affairs   

CANSON, Maria Cristina I. 

Director for Planning and Development 

CARPIO, Flora L., PhD

Director, Development Communication and Information Office (DCIO)

CAYOT, Merfe D., PhD  

Director for Review for Licensure Examination   

DEGILLO, Jimmy O., PhD   

Director for Extension and Community Services

Engr. Alfredo U. Castro, Jr., Ph.D. 

Director for Physical Plant and Facilities 

DULLER, Cyril T., PhD

Director for National Service Training Program (NSTP) 

EMOY, Josephine Asuncion R., PhD 

Director for Instructional Media Production & Development  Center (IMPDC)

JUNGCO, Grenny I., PhD

Director for Quality Assurance 

LEDUNA, Mary Grace Noreen P., PhD

Director for Training and Services 

LUMBA, Angelie Rose L., PhD 

Director for Research and Development Services  

BILLEN, Dominic L.  

Director for Environmental Management  Services 

PARCON, Carol Jane D. 

Director for Campus Site Development and Beautification 

ROBLES, Rachel T. 

Director for Sports and Cultural Development 


Director for Intellectual Property Management Office  

TRIO, Vicente, Jr. M.

Director for Financial Management Services

VARGAS, Merlindo P., PhD 

Director for Production and Enterprise Development 

Eleanor F. Castro, PhD

Director for Curriculum Planning & Development 

ABELLO, Mark Anthony G.

Administrator, CPSU-Hinoba-an Campus         

TABABA, Reynaldo T. 

Administrator, CPSU-Sipalay Campus         

BORRES, Germa T., PhD 

Administrator, CPSU-Cauayan Campus

CORPUZ, Filipina G.

Administrator,  CPSU-Ilog Campus                    

MISAJON, Chim C., PhD 

Administrator,  CPSU-Candoni Campus 

PREDO, Gregorio D. 

Administrator,  CPSU-Hinigaran Campus

GONZALES, Patrocenio L.

Administrator,  CPSU-Moises Padilla Campus    


Administrator, CPSU-Victorias Campus

DEOCARES, Moody S., PhD  

Administrator, CPSU-San Carlos  Campus