GAD conducts orientation for CPSU-PEMO environment, gender and development initiatives

The Provincial Environment and Management Office (PEMO) of Negros Occidental collaborated with CPSU Gender and Development (GAD) unit in strengthening and complimenting GAD-related initiatives and activities in the community through an orientation to commence the partnership of both agencies last March 18-19, 2021 at the RDEC Building, CPSU Main Campus.

The purpose of the said event was to orient the participants on basic GAD concepts and provide inputs and updates in terms of well-being with GAD. The output of the said activity which happened on the second day was the identification of various GAD programs and activities for both agencies and finalize the calendar of activities. 

Sir Noel Dayono, the University GAD focal person, stated that this activity aims to strengthen GAD programs and advocacies through partnerships with LGU. 

“Engagements like this will ensure the implementation of GAD programs and initiatives in the community and beyond. This is also part of the extension program of our University to share resources as well as to highlight environment protection and preservation,” Sir Dayono said.

Dr. Pilipinas Ma. Jareño, the speaker during the first day who is also the University OSSA dean and the former GAD focal person of the institution, shared information pertaining to the background and policy mandates of GAD, the advocates behind the national women’s month celebration and the role of the National Commission on Women, among others.

Dr. Jareño likewise discussed critical and salient topics on sex and gender roles, socialization, gender discrimination, sexism in language, and mental health. She particularly highlighted on the CHED GAD accord, the gender-fair language use in the academic community and the LGBT rights of students.

“We support LGBT in the University. LGBT rights are human rights. Hence, it is not only the women who celebrate the Women’s Month but also the men. The aim of this event is not only to uplift women’s advocacy, but also for males. That is why gender and development is essential in promoting gender equality,” Dr. Jareño added.  

The strategic planning happened on the second day led by Maria Elena B. San Jose, the supervising environment management specialist and head of the technical support services division of PEMO. Strategic framework included Capacity Enhancement, Livelihood, Awards and Incentives, Research/Database Management, and Social Marketing and Governance. 

With a total of 36 attendees including facilitators, the realization of the said event was a collaboration of the CPSU Research and Extension Unit, Graduate School, GAD, and PEMO Negros Occidental.

By J.A. Emoy