Sen. Gatchalian graces CPSU, Valladolid groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Tech-Voc Institution and proposed extension class

The goal of Central Philippines State University (CPSU) to bring education to the marginalized sectors of the community to break the chain of poverty especially to the farmers and destitute families in the community has led to its partnership with the Municipality of Valladolid who also share the same aspiration of providing access to quality and free tertiary education to their underserved and displaced students.


The realization of this partnership was sealed during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of CPSU-Valladolid Technical Vocational Institution (TVI) and proposed extension class last February 27, 2021. The site for the said building is at Purok Masagana, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Valladolid through the donation of 20,000 sq.m. lot area by the owners of the property through their representative, former Mayor Magdaleno “Magsie” Peña. This was made possible through the request of Mayor Enrique Miravalles for the construction of the CPSU building.

Prof. Sharon Rose Lin T. Masa, head of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the said project, stated that this noble endeavor would not have been made possible if not for the determination of the good Mayor of the Municipality of Valladolid, Hon. Enrique Miravalles. Sharing this same dream of providing free tertiary education to all are the great minds of CPSU headed by Dr. Aladino Moraca CPSU President, Dr. Fernando Abello, VP for Academic Affairs, together with their administrative and academic council.

“This aspiration converges with the mission of CPSU anchored to the institution’s vision. To pursue this project, the Mayor of Valladolid and the President of CPSU embarked on this joint partnership to establish this first-ever tertiary educational institution in the Municipality, the CPSU Valladolid extension and Technical-Vocational Institution,” Prof. Masa said.

“The dream of every Dolidnon to have access to quality, free tertiary education has now become a reality. Today, we celebrate the breaking of the ground for the construction of CPSU Valladolid Extension class and Technical-Vocational Institution (TVI),” Prof. Masa added.

The groundbreaking ceremony commenced with the signing of the site development plan by the officials and partners and honored guests headed by Sen. Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian, Dr. Aladino Moraca, Governor Eugenio “Bong” Lacson and Mayor Enrique “Bebot” Miravalles. This was followed by the laying of the time capsule, pile driving, and the benediction which was led by Rev. Fr. Romulo Biangco.

Municipality Mayor and president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines - Negros Occidental, Hon. Enrique Miravalles, stated his gratefulness to CPSU for responding to his vision of establishing a tertiary education in their locality. This CPSU Extension class and TVI will provide a brighter future for our youth and our Municipality.


“This will ensure education to our underprivileged students. This will also serve as blessing to our agriculture sector through the programs that will be offered by CPSU. Some of which are the Bachelor in Agri-Business (BSAB) and the short-term course in organic agriculture NC II,” Mayor Miravalles said.

Mayor Miravalles also expressed gratefulness to the support of the people behind this realization. Foremost, to the  donors of the property represented by Hon. Magdaleno “Magsie” Peña, the administrator of the Soledad and Candido Montilla Properties in the Municipality of Pulupandan, to Gov. Bong Lacson and Sen. Win Gatchalian who have sponsored several projects in their Municipality, and to all his officials.

Also expressing his support to the project is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, his excellency Rodrigo R. Duterte, through a videotape recording (VTR). He congratulated CPSU and the Municipality of Valladolid for this achievement that will serve as means in nurturing and equipping students to be competent and productive citizens of the country.

Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, Chair, Committee on Youth and Committee on Finance, likewise congratulated everyone for the successful groundbreaking of the CPSU-Valladolid thru another VTR. 

“I congratulate Mayor Miravalles for initiating this project, and to CPSU for helping them realize this endeavor. With this, we hope that a new generation of Negrenses will arise.”

The honored guest of the said event, Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian, Chair of the Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, expressed his commitment to help in building the extension site in Valladolid. 

“This is a wonderful project that could help many youth in the Municipality. One of the challenges of students that caused them to drop out from school is their daily expenses required for fare and dormitory allowance. Now, with the establishment of this project, they can pursue their studies without having to think of such expenses since it is just within their municipality,” Sen. Gatchalian said.

Mayor of the Municipality of Pulupandan, Hon. Miguel Peña, likewise stated his fervent support to the noble purpose of establishing a CPSU-Valladolid Extension and expressed his warm felicitations for the realization of the said project. 

“My father, the former Mayor Magsie Peña, administrator of the Soledad and Candido Montilla Properties, donated 2 hectares of land for the said purpose. We also want to help our students from Valladolid and the  neighboring communities in the Province to gain access to better education trained especially in the field of agriculture and other technical and professional courses,” Mayor Peña stated.

In response, CPSU President Dr. Aladino Moraca, said that the University’s purpose is to contribute in addressing the problems on free and accessible education, peace and order and sustainable livelihood not just in the community but in the entire Province.

“The flagship of CSPU is the generation of life-changing technology to provide practical and sustainable agri-related livelihood options for economic alleviation of the locals. This will now answer concerns on peace and order in the community. The free tertiary education will also help poor students prepare for a brighter future. With the ISO certification of the University in all its campuses, no doubt the quality of education it provides can par with international standards,” Dr. Moraca stated.

Governor of the Province of Negros Occidental Hon. Bong Lacson stated that the existence of CPSU has made major change in the educational landscape in the Province by providing free, quality and accessible education with special focus on agriculture.

“In terms of agriculture, various technologies have been extended by the institution. It is for this reason that the services of CPSU is very relevant to the Province and the entire country. To CHED Commissioner Popoy de Vera and to President Nonoy  Moraca, thank you for the committed effort to provide decent and affordable education in all of Negros Occidental,” Gov. Lacson stated.

VP for Research and Extension Dr. Mae Flor Posadas stated that the success of this event is a result of the concerted efforts and determination of the LGU in Valladolid in piously spending time in the preparation of all the necessary documents to realize this dream. The CPSU administration likewise shared knowledge and resources, with the wisdom of the chief personnel who assisted in the entire crafting process.

 The realization of this dream is a promise for a better future for their children and the generations to come,” Dr. Posadas said.

Also present were Vice-Mayor Roel Yogore, former Vice Gov. Atty. Dino Yulo, SB members Octavio Pagsuberon, Armela Mailim, Rolando Gremio, Larry Garde, Armando Alvarez, Esmeralda Palacios, Nonito Bedaure, Allan Clavel, SK federated president Hon. Joana David, Liga president Hon. Ivar Gugudan, Mayor’s Office Executive Assistant I David Regonel, principals of the elementary schools and high schools within the Municipality, Brgy. Captains, officials and personnel of Valladolid.

Also attending from CPSU to witness the event were VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Fernando D. Abello, Director for Instructional Materials and Development and School Paper adviser Dr. Josephine Asuncion Emoy, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Roland Marcle Bachiller, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice Education Sir Corold Romano, executive assistant to the Office of the President Victoria Besana and VPAA executive assistant Michael Bacolod.

By: J.A. Emoy