Administrative Council

Date posted: 2018-03-22 08:10:26

           NAME                                                      DESIGNATION

MORACA, Aladino C. Ph. D.                 University President/Chairman

ABELLO, Fernando D., Ph.D.            VP for Academic Affairs

BOLINAS, Henry C., Ph. D.                 VPAF/Chief Administrative Officer

DEOCARES, Moody S., Ph.D                 In-charge for Extension and Community Services

POSADAS, Mae Flor G., Ph.D.                 Director, Research and Development Services

CASTOR, Salvador C., Jr., Ph.D.         Dean, College of Agriculture and Forestry  

DAGUNAN, Rene T.                                 Dean, College of Engineering

CASTRO, Eleanor F., Ph.D.                 Dean, College of Teacher Education

ESCORIAL, Ryan B.                                 Dean, College of Computer Studies

JAREƑO, Pilipinas Ma. D.                 Dean, Office of Student Services and Affairs

ROMANO, Corold A.                                 Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education

CROBES, Maria Lorina B.                         Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

IGNACIO, SHIELA                                 Dean, College of Business and Management

CASTRO, Alfredo Jr. U., Ph.D.         Dean, Graduate School

ANTONIO, Milagros M.                         Director, Quality Assurance Unit

CASTOR, Laarni M.                                 Director, Building Construction

ALFARAS, Riza Stephanie A., Ed.D.. Director, Instructional Media, Production and Development  

DEGILLO, Jimmy O.                              Director, NSTP

PREDO, Gregorio D.                              Director, Environmental Mgt. Services

TONDO, Rosalinda C.                         Director, Production and Auxiliary Services

TRIO, Vicente, Jr. M.                          Director, Financial Management Services

CASTRO, Alfredo Jr. U.                         Director for Physical Plant Facilities

BADAJOS, Marc Alexei Caesar B.         Planning and Development Officer

MORACA, Aladino C.                                 Director for Enterprise Development

TABABA, Janet Riza L., Ph.D.                 OIC, Office of the Registrar

ZAMAR, Ebenezer D.                              Chief Security Officer    

ABELLO, Mark Anthony G.                 Administrator, CPSU-Hinoba-an Campus

PARABA, Agnes L.                                Administrator, CPSU-Sipalay Campus    

PEREZ, Ma. Evangeline P., Ph.D.         Administrator, CPSU-Cauayan Campus

DAYONO, Noel S.                                 Administrator,  CPSU-Ilog Campus

JUNGCO, Grenny I                                 Administrator,  CPSU-Candoni Campus

ANTONIO, Raymond C.                     Administrator,  CPSU-Moises Padilla Campus   

MANDIN, Christopher D.                         Administrator, CPSU-CMMY (Hinigaran) Campus

FORDENTE, Noel B.                                 Administrator, CPSU-Victorias Campus

ANLAP, Charlen Pol B.                         Administrator, CPSU-DJVV (San Carlos)

Cabual, Nelly N.                                          Board Secretary 

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