Training Services Office conducts virtual seminar on Ethical Standards

Workplace values serve as guiding principles that direct all subordinates to work harmoniously, collaboratively and efficiently toward the attainment of the organization’s ultimate vision. Seeing how it impacts the overall performance of the group, CPSU through its Training and Services Office headed by Ma’am Mary Grace Noreen Leduna organized a virtual seminar on Ethical Standards with the theme, "Values Integration in the Workplace" last Friday, January 22, 2021. This system-wide event was participated by the faculty members of CPSU across all its extension campuses.

Dr. Jose Teody G. Cabantug, the HR Director of the University of St. La Salle - Bacolod, and the invited speaker during this activity, delivered his talk on the important ethical standards to be observed at work for the smooth operations of the entire system. His wisdom served as guide and reminder to inspire everyone as they perform their respective roles and duties in the workplace.

"What is legal is sometimes unethical but what is ethical is worth legalizing,” Dr. Teody stated. In an institution, ethics and values play an essential role for it builds, strengthens and promotes healthy environment in the workplace thus, preserving a harmonious relationship with one another as a team, towards effectively achieving goals.

He further emphasized that the principles of good values and good governance must center around integrity and honesty, that in the long run will result to patriotism, national identity, sharing and devolution of power, rule of law, democracy and participation of people, human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, non-discrimination, protection of the marginalized, good governance, transparency and accountability, and sustainable development.

The event was closed by Dr. Borres, Administrator of CPSU Cauayan campus, who quoted significant words  from influential leaders and speakers. One of which is John Maxwell and his line, "We need an equipping leader with a heart to develop others… who walk the talk. They are called provider".

Truly, workplace ethics go a long way in ensuring positive ambiance, in strengthening teamwork and in maintaining healthy relations among subordinates and heads of office that are vital in achieving the institution’s ultimate goals.   // A. Malunes (ABEL 3) & J.A. Emoy of The Cenphilian