Civil Service Commission Accredits FASFED; Approves CNA

Date posted: 2018-06-04 01:43:15

     The Central Philippines State University Faculty and Staff Federation (CPSU-FASFED) is now accredited by the Philippine Civil Service Commission. 

     The Certificate of Accreditation No. 1164 was granted to FASFED on March 13, 2018.  It was formally awarded to Federation President Moody S. Deocares by Christine Estorque, Human Resource Specialist of the Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC)-Bacolod City Field Office on April 27, 2018 at Mt. Ballo Hall of CPSU Main Campus in the presence of the faculty and staff of the university.

     As an accredited entity, FASFED becomes the sole and exclusive negotiating agent of all the rank-and-file employees in CPSU pursuant to the provisions of the Executive Order No. 180 dated June 1, 1987 and the Amended Rules and Regulations Governing the Exercise of the Right of Government Employees to Organize.  It is the recognized representative of the faculty and staff in any negotiation with management on terms and conditions of employment not fixed by law. 

     Timely, on May 21, 2018, the CSC also approved the collective negotiation agreement (CNA) between CPSU management and FASFED.

     As part of the CNA, the federation shall help improve the productivity of the university by assisting it in the implementation of austerity and cost-cutting measures to avoid wastage of the government resources, promote efficiency, safety and goodwill in the areas of (a) personnel services (b) water, illumination and power services (c) communication services (d) supplies and materials, and (e) system improvement.

     "This is significant because savings from the fund allotted for the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses may be distributed as CNA incentive to the members of the federation," Mr. Deocares said.

     The CNA also includes a provision for free medical laboratory checkup to federation members subject to availability of funds, wellness program, and equity and equality of load and benefits for all CPSU system personnel.

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