CPSU holds Parents and Personnel General Assembly

Date posted: 2018-03-06 07:02:58

CPSU, through the Office of the Student Services and Affairs (OSSA), held a general assembly attended by approximately 500 parents, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders of the university on March 2, 2018.

The meeting was an opportunity for the OSSA to explain its roles and policies and to urge parents of their own responsibilities as partners in taking care of the overall welfare of the students.

 The main issues taken up were on student welfare and development, comprising financial assistance during emergency cases; status of housing services in the campus; status of food services; drivers license of student-motorists; risk behaviors: drug abuse, alcohol, cigarette and pregnancy, and gambling in boarding houses.

       Prof. Filipinas Ma. D. Jareño, Dean of OSSA, explained that the office holds activities such as film showings to raise funds for emergency medical cases, educational loans, seminar expenses and burial assistance.  It also requires health certificate from food preparers, and proper waste management for food stalls to ensure the safety of food being provided to students.  She also mentioned steps undertaken by the OSSA to combat drug use in school and the inclusion of drug testing in its admission requirement, particularly for Criminology students.

       Dean Jareño also urged parents not to allow their children to drive without a license and to check the living conditions of the boarding houses of their children to make sure that they are safe, sanitary and regulated.

      Parents offered their suggestions and posed clarifications and questions, one of which is regarding the frequency of the general assembly and the possible early dissemination of invitation.

      It was decided during the assembly that the election of Parents and Personnel officers be held during another meeting, possibly in June or during the first semester of the next school year.


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