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ITB-Laboratory Computers (1:27 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Purchase of Laboratory Computers CPSU Cauayan Campus 302,400.00 PHP

ITB-Laboratory & Office Equipments (12:43 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Laboratory & Office Equipments for various Offices CPSU Main Campus 534, 000.00 PHP


ITB-Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016 (7:57 AM, 05/13/2016)

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 Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016

ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer (2:48 AM, 11/19/2015)

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ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer

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ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus (12:11 AM, 10/15/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus 

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ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus (6:38 PM, 08/08/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus

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NSCA Dormitories

            At present, NSCA has two (2) dormitories for female and one (1) dormitory for male students.

Goals and Objectives

  • To assist the students in their adjustment to college life by providing them with maximum opportunities to interact with their fellow students and putting them close to the school buildings and libraries.

  •    To provide and manage activities and services to inculcate habits , attitude , values of healthful living, efficient  home management, good social relationship and responsiveness among student.

  •   To ensure student in residence hall within the outside of the vicinity of the College are residing in safe and sanitary housing conditions.


                The dormitories in NSCA are being manage by designated dormitory managers who are also personnel of the College.

                The designated dormitory managers report directly to the Dean for Student Affairs.


  •  Operates student residence hall for students wishing to be housed within the campus in the duration of their stay in College.

  • Gives priority to first year students and students from more distant homes, coming from low income brackets and those who apply earlier.

In-Campus Boarding Houses

            The Office of Student Affairs maintains a list of accredited boarding houses owned by NSCA personnel within the vicinity of the College. This list made available to parents and students during the opening classes.

                Likewise, the Office of Student Affairs in partnerships with the Extension Office set out guidelines to boarding house willing to be include in the official roster of accredited residence quarters.

Acceleration is made on a yearly basis and requirements are submitted to these Offices for Evaluation.

Conduct of an ocular inspection of the applying boarding houses is a must for verification purposes.


                Board and Lodging Fees being implemented by the NSCA dormitories and boarding houses are to be determined by the College Administration as per approval of the Board of Trustees.


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