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ITB-Laboratory Computers (1:27 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Purchase of Laboratory Computers CPSU Cauayan Campus 302,400.00 PHP

ITB-Laboratory & Office Equipments (12:43 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Laboratory & Office Equipments for various Offices CPSU Main Campus 534, 000.00 PHP


ITB-Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016 (7:57 AM, 05/13/2016)

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 Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016

ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer (2:48 AM, 11/19/2015)

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ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer

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ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus (12:11 AM, 10/15/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus 

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ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus (6:38 PM, 08/08/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus

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Goals and Objectives

  • To assist in the total development of the students through activities designed for the wise use of leisure time.

  • To promote the development of self-confidence , social and cultural growth of students


Cultural Arts unit is headed by a designated Coordinator with the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepares a comprehensive cultural arts programs including seasonal presentations, training programs and workshops for members of the performing art groups;

  • Coordinates social and cultural presentations;

  • Initiates/stages exhibits and competitions/contest;

  • Establishes linkage with other cultural development of members inside and outside of the College;

  • Is in accord with the intention to create and maintain conditions and opportunities conducive to the full realization of the goals of the performing arts organizations;

  • Promotes the welfare of the student members and enriches their participation in the academic;

  •   Evaluates member’s performances to determine their scholarships grants; and

  • Sees to the proper  management of the Cultural Arts unit budget.

  •   The different Trainers of the Performing Arts Groups closely coordinate with the Cultural Arts Coordinator with the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs.


            The NSCA Cultural Arts unit supervises the following activities:

  •  Dance Repertory – faculty and/or student-directed concerts.

  • Music – provides opportunities for involvement in choral organization, bands, and symphony orchestra.

  • Theater – provides experiences in student-directed productions, opera, theater, etc.

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