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ITB-Laboratory Computers (1:27 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Purchase of Laboratory Computers CPSU Cauayan Campus 302,400.00 PHP

ITB-Laboratory & Office Equipments (12:43 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Laboratory & Office Equipments for various Offices CPSU Main Campus 534, 000.00 PHP


ITB-Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016 (7:57 AM, 05/13/2016)

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 Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016

ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer (2:48 AM, 11/19/2015)

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ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer

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ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus (12:11 AM, 10/15/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus 

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ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus (6:38 PM, 08/08/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus

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(Approved by the NSCA BOT during its 17th Regular Meeting held last November 27, 2003 Day’s Hotel, Iloilo City ; amendments approved by the NSCA BOT during its 23rd Regular Meeting on July 27, 2004)

                The Office of Student Affairs is an integral part of the NSCA academic community that is founded on the basic belief that “Student are the most significant clients and stakeholders of the institution. “ NSCA is committed to the Educational Institution ( HEIs) in the country, NSCA is committed to the conviction that education of its student engages more that going to class. Though educating the students is the main concern of the college experience, it is also important that the student learns about self , other people , and existence in the society.

                The main role of the Office of the Affairs is to strive to enrich student learning and achievement by providing a good campus environment , by empowering to advocate their needs and by developing their leadership skills. Its is on this light that NSCA offers different students services and programs to its student since one of its objectives is to prepare the latter to become responsible individuals through leadership opportunities and community involvement.

                Furthermore, NSCA also believes that an entire support system of academic and student services must go hand with teaching and learning. The different student services and programs offered by the Office of Student Affairs are critical component of the educational package NSCA is committed to provide to its students striving to balance family , work , civic , and other responsibilities on their lives. For that reason , the importance of delivering those services must be engrained in every student of NSCA.


The office of the Student Affairs of Negros State College of Agriculture envisions
to provide with:

  • Create , critical , highly , functional and globally oriented students to graduate from State College.
  • A supported yet challenging environment that encourages the students wholistic development.
  • Balance co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the different student groups that provides opportunities for student to actualized their abilities to responsible and productive leaders and citizen.
  • An atmosphere of healthy social interaction between and among students , faculty and administrative staff;
  • An environment complementary to the academic training of students different growth activities focusing on improving leaderships , self-management and development skills.
  • The development and enhancement of career goals and plans leading toward the achievement of a rewarding career, lifestyle and job; and
  • The creation of a working environment with technologically advance equipment , an update information system and complete testing facilities.


The Office of Student Affairs of Negros State College of Agriculture serves the student in the maintenance of a healthy social relationships through varied services to facilitate the optimum development of the potentials.


Development Goals                               

The overall development goals, the Office of Student Affairs of Negros State College Agriculture is to develop disciplined and highly trained students.           

Enabling Goals                            

In persuit of the development goals , the Office of Student Affairs of Negros State College of Agriculture aims to:

  • Enhance commitment and professional capability of the student affairs practitioners;
  • Provide an approach/system of efficient delivery of student services and programs;
  • Create an atmosphere of democratic social interaction in the campus among students, faculty, and other personnel of the College; and
  • Maintain a strong feedback mechanism for evaluation.


The Office of Student Affairs of the Negros State College of Agriculture wishes to attain the following objectives:

  • To make adjustment easy for freshmen/women and transferees;
  • To provide opportunities for student to know themselves better to be able to realize their potentials;
  • To develop leadership and followship skills among students, particularly among student leaders;
  • To promote and maintain the good health of students;
  • To provide financial assistance to needy and deserving students;
  • To foster well-roundedness among student through membership in school organisation;
  • To prepare students for entry into world of work; and
  • To train student for a civic consciousness and good citizenship.


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