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ITB-Laboratory Computers (1:27 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Purchase of Laboratory Computers CPSU Cauayan Campus 302,400.00 PHP

ITB-Laboratory & Office Equipments (12:43 AM, 07/18/2016)

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Laboratory & Office Equipments for various Offices CPSU Main Campus 534, 000.00 PHP


ITB-Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016 (7:57 AM, 05/13/2016)

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 Office Supplies 1st Quarter MDS 2016

ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer (2:48 AM, 11/19/2015)

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ITB-Purchase of Laboratory Computer

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ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus (12:11 AM, 10/15/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 10 rooms Agricultural Research Technology Building with CR at Main Campus 

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ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus (6:38 PM, 08/08/2015)

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 ITB-Construction of 2-Storey Building @ Cauayan Campus

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Ang Bagong Magsasaka


Nature of Publication

          CPSU may allow the publication of journals, magazines, and other periodical by the student subject to the approval of University President. All such publication shall be under the general supervision of the Dean/s of the School/s concerned, and shall reflect the goals and objectives of the university.


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   The Student Publication unit gives student on-the-job training in news writing , editing , photography, and advertising. Moreover, it is contemplated in the future as an on-line news center that  serves as the community guide like listing of restaurants, hotels, apartments, transportation, campus maps and eco-tourist spot or places to go within the vicinity of the school.



                Working in accordance with the issued guidelines of campus/student journalism, this unit updates student journalist on the current trends in newspaper writing by recommending to the student body and the College administration the attendance of the student delegates to different symposia, seminars and lectures of the same nature. It also assists current staffers in the screening of interested student wishing to take an active part in the College student publication.



                A yearly competitive examination is conducted to determine the members of Editorial Staff of the student publication. The College President through the Dean of Student Affairs creates the Selection Committee whose members shall include a faculty member, an administrative staff, a practicing journalist, and a former member of the editorial staff of the Student of Publication.



                The publication obtains its finances from the student population through the Student Publication Fee- the amount of which is fixed and determined by the Board of Trustees.


                Republic Act 7079 also known as the Campus Journalism Act and the Rules and Regulations Governing Organized Student Activities serve as the basic guideline of the student organ.

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